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Second Post — May 1, 2015

Second Post

First of all many thanks for reading my attempt at a Blog.

I will open it by uttering the words of the mighty Mark Crossfield “lets make it social” I appreciate comments likes and especially constructive criticism, if you do comment please don’t over estimate my knowledge of Blogs or even computer knowledge as a whole, because currently the only computer fixing I do is what I learned from a TV series called IT Crowd which was “Have you tried turning it on and off again”

Any way back to the blog, 

Tip Number 3 

How many times have you hit a shot where it seems almost impossible to find some type of hazard although you have managed this feet easily then as you approach your “drop zone” and begin to think of some magnificent and elaborate come back shot which wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Stop! Think about it if I was able to hit shots like that would I be in this situation in the first place the answer without fail the answer is “hell no” pronounced in a gangsters accent. So take your medicine proceed to aim and hit a shot were the percentages are high and carry on with your round.

Tip Number 4 

When “bogeying” on the dance floor your feet are moving like on you’re on hot coals but on the golf course when you’re about to hit the shot keep your feet as grounded obviously within reason and you should see the decrease in miss hits hopefully and an increase in the good shots. The power comes from a coiled lower body not some flared feet like in the 90s whilst the bee gee’s staying alive is blasting around the purple painted walls, filled with mullets and mood rings, this could be an exaggeration as I was only just born in 1994.

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Many Thanks for reading once again


First Real Post — April 20, 2015

First Real Post

First of all I will begin this post by apologising for the length of time to produce this post I have recently moved house internet etc. Enough of that Personal stuff we don’t like it that is why we look to the electronic world for gratification.

Any way I am going to do something a little different this post and provide some golf tips in a humourers way bearing in mind I am no Pro or even that good an amateur these tips should be taken in the light hearted way they are written.

Tip Number 1

Okay this is something which my regular undoubtedly Scottish playing partner would shout constantly during a bad round to the point where my ears are ringing the next day. Say the tip in your best Scottish accent and you can see why it would annoy me to hear it after every bad shot which in my first couple of rounds was 99.9% of them. The tip is simple look at a specific dimple of your golf ball even colour it in to help even more stare at that dimple throughout your swing and see the difference especially on those shots where you require at little more “ump” don’t tell which is better I known believe me!

Tip Number 2 

This is a tip I need to focus on for example as mentioned I am a reasonably big hitter, although when you can’t stop a ball on the green with a wedge there is a problem. I enjoy the technical side of golf such as plane angle, hip and shoulder rotation and etc I used these to try and figure out why I couldn’t land a gold ball on the green. I even tried the standard frustrated member excuse i.e. “greens are cut to short” during a mishit drive ,I found myself roughly 5 yards from the pond and 130 odd yards from the green. I thought I will give my wedge a cheeky clean much to the annoyance of my playing partners with this in mind and help from the golf gods I was able to land the ball within inches from the flag and it stayed. So bottom line cleans your clubs as often as needed and make sure those wedges are shining for those glorious PGA standard shots you are sure to hit.

In the words of Robbie Williams “hope this entertained you” well sort of what he said

Thanks for the Read

P.S still accepting tips on a good blog


Introductory Post — March 31, 2015

Introductory Post

Hi, All

New to the blogging world I just created this page to share personal golf related stories, chat to like-minded people.

Now about me my name is Brad ,I am a keen golfer who currently plays off 18 (Hoping to lower that soon) and I am 20 years old currently working as a Sports Coach in an ALP (Alternative Learning Provision).

I have a real passion for the difficult game (Golf) which is the reasoning behind creating the blog, my Golfing stories/opinions have appeared in  “Today’s Golfer” on three separate occasions, once even receiving the letter of the month award on which I was allowed to choose a putter (Most Expensive one duh) on which I am still a prolific three putter much to the annoyance of My four man stableford team

I even tried to become amateur Long Driver but once taking the “Manly Ego miscalculations ” out of it  i.e. investing in a range finder my golf became more about finding fairways (or so I hoped)

As always Apologies for grammar and spelling mistakes

Many Thanks

P.s Any help on making a successful blog will be hugely appreciated.